Key advantages:

1. High quality and accuracy

-  the use of timber (pine, spruce) with a moisture content of max.18%, four-sided      planed, strength classes C24 (24 MPa), impregnated
-  production in the factory guarantees high precision (repeatability of shapes and      sizes)
-  quick installation

2. Safety

-   the roof structure is calculated by a specialist software engineering

-  no crack drywall

3. Small price

-  small timber use (20-40% confrontation with the traditional roof construction)

-  elimination of costly concrete floor

-  fast assembly (1 day to several days) = saving money

-  no internal supports (walls) to span max. 30m - large rooms, any shape rooms

-  the investor knows the final price of the roof structure at the design stage

4. Freedom in the creation of structures with difficult shapes

-  large span constructions (up to 30 meters without internal supports) - freedom 

   in modeling the shape of the rooms inside the building

-  the shape of the truss creates attic (no poles and purlins inside rooms)

5. Superstructure flat roofs - extra useful floor area