Price list

Prices listed below, please be treated as indicative. The final valuation of the order prepare after hearing the scope of work at the customer.


Price of a project the roof structure is approx. 4 - 6 pln /m2 of roof area
(depending on the difficulty of the roof and the repetition of elements - high repeatability = lower price).

If you buy a wooden roof structure - project for free !


Price roof structure depends on many factors, e.g.
- size and shape of the roof (the difficulty of the roof construction)
- repeatability of structural elements (high repeatability = lower price)
- roof load
- number of supports of the roof structure

gable roof (two roof area) 65-85 pln/m2
hip roof (four roof area) 75-95 pln/m2
hip roof (few roof area) 75-110 pln/m2
beam ceiling Posi-Joist 40-60 pln/mb

Price depends on:
- span (beam length)
- load


Design assumptions:
- load floor (top chord) - 80 kg/m2 + 200 kg/m2 (usable)
- load ceiling (bottom chord) - 40 kg/m2
- spacing beams  45-60cm
- beam height  20-40cm
- max. length  to 8m